Auto Enthusiast Day Angles stadium (part 2)

Nitto tire puts on this free car show called Auto Enthusiast Day every year for well…. Auto enthusiast lol. It just happens to be a free event to attend and a free event to enter your car into. So those two aspects alone brought a huge crowd. One downside to it being a free car show was that it was basically open to anyone that wanted in… let me explain. Not all the cars in the show were even close to show cars. I mean some were just downright beat or not even close to be considered a “show car”. But besides that, there were still some very nice builds in the show.


With this being a Southern California show it would not be complete without a few Rocket Bunny/ LibertyWalk builds. And there were plenty in attendance. I still haven’t gotten tired of seeing a well built Rocket Bunny FRS or anything LibertyWalk because if done right the car can still attract a crowd regardless if they’ve seen the kit before.


Even though the Rocket Bunny stuff has taken over the world, this is one kit that has yet to get played out. Very nice build from the Street Faction guys. I love quality builds and this build is nothing short of that. 2jz swap, full cage, some nice fab work on the bash bars and interior, and a plethora of authentic parts from the vertex steering wheel, Status race seats, and the big brake kit.

Here we have a pretty cool bagged wide body Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger. I’ve seen like three different builds of this exact kit in the last 2 weeks but I still cant get enough of how big and wide these cars sit.

Continuing with the Liberty Walk/ Rocket Bunny car show, here is a car I have yet to see multiples of, A BMW z4. Complete with some wide BBS’ and a supercharger stuffed under the hood.(notice another rocketbunny BMW in the backgroud)

Fender flares and wide bodies have taken over the current car scene. Now if you don’t have a car with a rocket bunny/ Liberty Walk kit, you probably have something with fender flares from another company or custom fabbed. Everything from Hyundai’s to Ford Mustangs.

This bright green Mustang I’ve seen on Speedhunters before, but it just looked so much better in person than it did online. My timing was perfect when it came time to grab a pic of it also, because as soon as I came by it, the driving demos where just starting so most of the crowds had left this area.

One thing that I have seen constantly on cars these days are these dumb little rubberband things that hold the bumpers on, they go on the outside of the bumper and help hold it on when you have to cut the inside of your bumper out for wheel clearance. I see them way too often when they are clearly not needed(although this subaru did need them in the pic).This Miata below looked fresh and was just laying on the ground. I liked it because its built in a way you don’t usually see. Plus he had a very nice way of holding on his bumper that was much cleaner aesthetically pleasing VS those dumb rubber band things.

For it being so hot, this event was rather busy. My guess it the cost of admission brought everyone out (free). We all know people like free stuff including myself. This made taking some shots a little difficult because people don’t care if you want to shoot the car, so they walk in your shots constantly. But that’s just the way it is at car shows. You either have to shoot real quick or wait a long time to get that right shot… I usually just shoot as fast as I can if I see an opening lol. Below we have the Evasive Motorsports booth. They brought out a few nice demo cars, so nice that I had to use my “shoot as fast as you can before people get in the way” technique.

The new mustang’s look pretty good and they look even better when lowered on a set of Volk wheels

Loved this GTR, everything from the graphics to the “I still ride bikes” bike rack that is a necessary thing(I’d want that rack on my GTR)

Here are a few cool cars I snapped some pics of, this Camry was nice, low, and fitted quite well. I love it when people mod chassis that are out of the norm. Then right below that is a very cool XB. You dont see these being modded as much as they use so its always a nice site to catch a well modded one. I believe this one was also boosted to go along with very wide rear wheels.

This event brought out a few Pro Drift cars. The Nitto sponsored cars where out doing demo's while the others where just parked. Its always cool to get up close and personal with these vehicles because its not everyday you get to get this close to a race car. Plus Ken Gushi is one of my favorite drivers so I had to snap some pics of this. After that I checked out this Up Garage SC430 driven by Kuniaki Takahashi. Looked pretty cool and definitely had a japanese feel to it.

That pretty much sums up my day out at Angels stadium. On my way out of the event I ran into this E30 M3 which I seen at last weeks SPOCOM show. Looks soo much better in its natural environment on the streets. I posted up a gallery here if you want to check out the rest of the action.