AUTOCLUB speedway 

I love the weekends… Saturdays especially.  After a long week, Saturdays feel so right in a way. Well this is PART II (of 3 maybe 4) of my 2 week coverage ( and if you missed part one just click here).  This weekend I decided to make a run out to Autoclub Speedway out in fontana for a time attack/ car show that was going on. As far as details go, I was a little confused on exactly what kind of  time attack or track day this was( as the flyers I found were rather vague). But anyways the event itself was actually pretty good. The crowd was quite diverse (car wise) with everything from Japanese to American cars.


One thing I liked most about this event was that the paddock area, because it was pretty open to the public, so that left most the cars available for me to check out/ admire/ and snap pics of.  One vehicle that I was draw to (or better yet one model I was draw to) was the AE86(corolla) chassis. There were quite a few out there and most of them were just oozing style. They were by no means show cars, but they had just the right amount of  “use” to them that worked.

While I was admiring all the AE86's I noticed a few different engines in them. Everything from the standard N/A 4a-ge version to the supercharged 4a-gze. Later I even spotted one that had a sr20det swapped in it. Such a cool chassis with so many different options on how to build them.

This AE86 caught my eye, It was parked in a group with some other pretty dope AE86's. This one had some nice mods...JDM Trueno front, sticky rubber, Recaro seats, a stack gauge cluster and some very appealing TE37-V's.

Another cool but oddly singled out chassis was this EP3 civic. It was fresh in soo many ways… Wide body fender flares, Buddyclub big brake kit, sticky RS-3 rubber, and a nice set of WEDsports tc105N wheels. This EP3 was built in a way that show the owners knows about quality parts and how to use them.

I really like the Nissan 350z chassis'.. (fun fact: they are my favorite car built by Nissan).  This one(below) I spotted early in the week out at Irwindale Thursday night drift and then again out here pulling double duty running against the clock.

Seems like you cant have a track day without the Frs/brz chassis showing up these days, and Autoclub speedway was no exception.

Cusco came out with a few cars, everything from Evo's, STi's, to FRS's. It was a very cool line up and all of them were out running around the track at some point.

The only real downfall for the day was I did not have access to the track and I had to shoot from behind a fence. This made it a little difficult to shoot but I still managed. All in all this event was pretty cool and had so many diverse vehicles in attendence. I tried to capture as much as I could and if you are interested in checking out the rest of the pics, just click here .