A day in the canyons.



Oh how I love this place. I have been driving this road for quite a few years and it never gets old to me. Back when my buddies and I thought we were “BRH kings” …lol and all that good stuff. Anyways now that we are all “grown up", our taste have changed but the road is still the same and the cars have gotten faster..oh joy.

In my eyes what is the point of building a car if you cant drive it. For me it has to serve a purpose and mine, despite what people have said, serves my purpose perfectly. Daily commutes, grocery store visits, and multiple trips to school and work, this car gets used on a daily basis. Widen at all four corners the right way and to go along with wider stance are some wider, more performance oriented, but lasting, tires to go with it. Not many times these days do I get a chance to “run” my car with my busy schedule, but when I do … man is it fun.

Like all mountain roads, you really need to drive them with precaution. Not only for the other drivers out there but also for the dangerous factor. There is no reset button if you hit the side of the mountain up here or go over the edge. Most people who frequent these roads can all agree that when no one is in front of you slowing you down, it can be an experience that'll put a smile on your face forsure.

At both ends of the road there is plenty of road to pull over and rest. I usually use this time to check my phone to see if I have time for another run...lol.

By the time I was finished testing the car out and its new setup I could definitely say that a wider meatier stance is much more canyon freindly than running my old hellaflushrimpoking stretched tire setup.

Hopefully one of these days here I can make it down to the actual track again and see if what I did to my car actually transfers into quicker lap times, but that will have to wait til I get some free time. Until that day i'll just enjoy this local free Disneyland trip.