Black Thunder



I would like to welcome you to the darkside of the force. Dressed in all black and ready for some for some destruction. Anarchy is like a thunder storm in the middle of summer. You dont know where it came from... but man... you cant help but love it. What we see here is the latest Anarchy Riot. At first glance it may look just like an ordinary race bike but thats the best part.

This bike is made with some of the greatest material used in bmx today. From the nice and lightweight easton 7005 series aluminum tubing on the frame down to the carbonfiber used on the speedline carbon fork, It doesnt get any better than this.

Of course with a bike like this it would not be complete without some top notch parts to go with it. Speedline cranks along with a Supercross 20mm front hub and matching rear casset hub.

The bmx game for 2013  just got alil better. So next time you wanna cause a riot or get alittle rowdy at the bmx track and dont know where to start, just remember the name Anarchy and you will be headed in the right direction.