Rowdyness livery



All the craze these days seems to be surrounding a growing interest in graphics. I myself enjoy the looks of a nice graphic livery, so why not join in on the fun. Initially I went with a real simple design made out of scrape vinyl I had along with some extra window banner stickers and some ppin striping I had.

To go along with my new graphic livery I also had some tire stickers made. The nice thing about these stickers is that they were made by a company who knows what they are doing. After you stick these on, they require you to apply heat to them to get them to sublimate to the surface. So these are made to last for some time on the side wall of your tires. Pretty cool, and so far they have lasted a few months.

Anyways, So after running the old livery for about a month I decided it was time to design some graphics, something a little more "designerly" (If thats a word). Below we have the three color comps I came up with.

The idea behind these were somewhat of a mix between what was already on the car and a digital camo look. I went with a few different color routes at first but ended up choosing the orange/yellow/white themed one. I liked this one because it was a little more of a  subtle look but still embraced my original idea I started with.

What I eventually ended up with I am pleased with. Above and below are the final results of what I have thought up. Above were some quick garage pics right after I finished up the install and below is a pic I took with my canon camera. I wanted to capture the whole car from a distance so you could see the vison I had from the beginning.