BUDDYclub combo


Who doesnt love getting car parts in the mail, its a great feeling. Like Christmas in October lol. For this build I told myself I wanted to buy either authentic parts or quality parts ( doesnt always have to be authentic if there is a QUALITY similar product available). So as bad as I wanted to install this as soon as I recieved it, I waited until the weekend came around so I could have alittle bit more time to tackle the project.

The main thing I like about buying well-made products is they put in the effort to make sure things fit. And they fit correct the first try. Since my seat and seat rail are made by the same company (buddyclub) I knew the two would match up well. Last time I had to modify my bracket alittle bit to get everything to match up the way I needed.

After tearing out the old OEM (super heavy thousand LBS) seat and unplugging all the airbag sensors and seatbelt sensors, I was able to test fit the mount and make sure everthing fit correctly.


Man I love this Buddy Club Racing Spec seat. To most, it may look alittle unconventional and for the most part they are correct. But I am strange and I love fixed position race seats. The only adjustments I have is foward and back and thats it. But it's good for long trips and is actually comfortable (for me).

What is the next best thing to accomidate a race seat? A matching race steering wheel, an authentic steering wheel. These two items alone transformed the way the car felt inside. That pretty much does it for this install, now what to purchase next.....hmm