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There is almost nothing better than spending a summer night wrenching in the garage with good friends. And with long summer nights comes free time. And with that free time bank accounts dimenish. Fortunatly for me this time around it is trevers wallet we are shrinking. And thats because he finally bit the bullet on a nice set of Megan Racing Coilovers.

For anyone out there who has or will eventually work on a car or your friends car, take this small bit of advice from me... look up as much info as you can before hand and dont assume the other person helping you has already done this (even if its there own car, you know who you are). Anyways back to  Trevers Mazdaspeed3, he decided to go with Megan Racing's street series coils. I personally can vouch for these, so as far as I'm concerned this was a good purchase for what this vehicle is intened for. As far as the install, this took us a little longer than expected to do for a few reasons. First (read above) and second being that this vehicle was completely foriegn to the both of us (supension wise) , but luckily we are somewhat mechanically inclined so we managed just fine.

Megan Racing has definitly put together a solid set of coils for this car as you can see from the pics. The rear set up on this car is alittle different then my msp, so setting up the rear was intially  alittle hard to do. Another thing to note is if you are running the dampening knobs up top, on the rear there is a small portion of metal that needs to be bent out of the way for clearance. Not to big of an issue that a pair of pliers cant handle.

After a long night of installing and adjusting we let the car sit and decided to save the pic taking for the next day. Here is the result of a few dollars and a nights worth of work. This Mazda looks alot better now that it no longer has monster truck like clearance all around.

After the suspension settles in Trever plans on re-adjusting the height and getting it just perfect. But for now these results will please him.