There should be little reason why this made it on my list but for those who don’t understand why, I’ll explain. The Griffith Observatory is a pretty monumental location for Southern California residents. It seems to be very popular with TV shows and movies (I’ve seen it used more times than I can remember) and the view from the rear of the building over Los Angeles is like no other I have seen so far.

I was lucky enough to show up when traffic was very light and parking was relatively abundant at the top of the hill. Unfortunately, I was too early to actually go inside but that was OK. I was more interested in the architecture and the views versus what was inside the building. Most of my visit I was able to walk around and shoot pictures uninhibited, which was surprising to me but I enjoyed it while I could. As the morning went on more tourist started to show up and the parking lot became packed. I knew my people-less pictures where over. Instead of leaving, I decided to enjoy the view from the rear of the observatory that overlooked Los Angeles. This is a city I once loathed and ached when I had to visit before, but as my list grows longer and I continue to visit, I find myself approaching it with a newfound attitude and I’m slowly realizing this city has a lot to offer and enough heritage to keep me busy for quite awhile.