For my first adventure out, I decided to go visit the filming locations for the original Fast and the Furious. Ever since this movie came out I told myself that I would go. The funny thing was, I had looked up a handful of the filming locations years ago and planned to go but just never made an effort to actually do it. Since I was determined to get this list started I figured that early, on a Sunday morning, would be good time to trek to DTLA. While I was down there I also drove by and checked out the main house that it was filmed at (Torretto’s house). For me, it was more then just a filming location; it was like being taken back in time to when I was in high school. I could picture the cars rolling in around the corner and parking in front of the market. I guess you would have to be a fan of the original movie to get the buzz that this spot could give a fan. This spot  marked #1 and #2 off of my list. With the ball now rolling, I can now say that I talk a big game...and can deliver on it. #3 on The List is up next!