I’ve always said to myself when I purchased this car I was going to take it easy and not go overboard, but instead build something more lowkey (in comparison to a yellow Mazdaspeed Protégé with a huge wing on it).  But it just seems that my RSX is slowly turning in the same direction as my Mazda was going in. Oh well I guess haha. This time around I decided that I wanted to go for the time attack look of a FWD Honda. Which to me means staggered fitment (with larger or wider wheels up front) and possibly flares to match.


Since I was interested in this idea I did a few photoshop renders to see what would look better to me. I initially wanted to do something like the WingWest wide body kit(second render), but after making contact with Wings Wests and realizing they didn’t have any left in stock I quickly left that idea behind.  I really like the ideas of  just basic flares up front but I wanted something alittle different from what I’ve been seeing lately. I wanted something (flares) with a nice flat edge on the out side to kind of match the flat edges on the oem fenders.

After some research I came across some J’s racing flares which seem to suit the look and style I was going for. After a quick call to Nemo Garage I had exactly what I wanted and I got started on seeing what kind of trouble I’ve gotten myself into.

On my first test fit I was surprised to see, for the most part, the flares actually sat decently and would need less work then I anticipated. As you can see from the pics the tops actually fit pretty well on top of the fenders.

Now here was the issue I knew I would have with any universal flares I was going to purchase, the fitment from the front of the wheel well to the rear. After getting a good look at them and drawing a few lines I went ahead and chopped off the excess fiberglass and took a step back to see if what I did would work.

  The look I ended up with seems to allow the flare to fit around the wheel well now. I’m not too excited about the front cut (or angle at the bottom of the front flare) but that is an issue I will deal with later on after some more thinking on how I want it to look.

With the first issue out of the way I turned to the next step in my process. Just getting them to fit on the fender (so I can then rethink the cuts I did for fitment). After laying down some painters tape to protect the finish of the fender, I mounted up the flare, scuffed it up with some sandpaper, and went to work on filling in the gaps and such with some body filler.

Once the body filler had dried up and the sanding was done I remounted the flares once again to see if all the work in trying to fit them had paid off. I think now they sit almost perfect with very little gaps being shown (even though nothing is secured down with bolts but just tape). I haven’t quite made up my mind on whether or not I want to cut them at the fender line and make them into 2 pieces, but I’m more leaning to cutting the “line” into them so it appears they are 2 piece but actually keeping them 1 piece ( I like this idea the best). Also I am not sure I want any actual bolts being shown for mounting so I’ve been tossing the idea around on mounting studs or bolts into them and mounting from the inside of the fender for a flush look to further differentiate my car from the rest. There is still alot of work ahead on this project but I've gotten a great start so far on the new look.

part2: THE CUT

After staring at it for a few days and contemplating on whether or not I really wanted to cut into my fenders I finally just went ahead and did it. The process itself was pretty easy, but it was a hard decision to make. I made sure to mock the fender up pretty well and clearly mark my cut lines. Then I just went for it. As you can see there is a pretty good amount of fender I ended up chopping off.

Once everything was cut and finished off on the car, I then started to prep the flares. I wanted to make sure the paint was going to come out the way I imagined, so I took my time.  I started with some primer, sanded, wet sanded, base coat, clear ,wet sand, then some simple polish to shine them up.

And the finished product. I planned on taking some close up shots and some better detailed shots but the rain started to come down. Eventually I'll update this post with more pics when that happens. (updated with one dry weather shot at the bottom)