So I was having this conversation with an old friend and they brought up this story about this bookstore that had a tunnel made out of books. I’ve heard this story a few time before but it was being brought up because they recently seen some pictures of it on a social media site. They said it was so cool but had no idea where it was but it would be cool to visit. Me, being me…I just simply googled it and like 2 minutes later found out exactly where it was. On the list it went. Of course it had to be in DTLA. Like I’ve said before, I was never a big fan of DTLA for a lot of reasons but I was determined that once something was put on my list, I was going to do it. The next day after work I figured would be a great time to check this place out. Unfortunately on my way down my car being at the height it is fell victim to road debris. I ran something over and it pretty much ate my front spoiler up. Normally I would’ve just turned around at that point but I just unscrewed the front lip and placed it in the back and continued on. Its just fiberglass anyways so it can be fixed.


Once I arrived in DTLA and exited the freeway I was greeted with stop and go traffic, oh joy. Despite that I still managed to find my destination but for the life of me could not find parking. It took roughly about 30-40 minutes of circling the block before I found some decent/ safe-ish parking a few blocks away. At this point I had about an hour and 30 minutes to walk to the store and browse around, no problem.

Upon entering the store I was greeted with security who asked me to check my camera bag in at the door, so I grabbed what lens’ would fit in pocket and went on my way. There was so much to see as soon as I walked in. Here is some quick basic history of the place. This location used to be a Citizens National Bank in the early 1900’s and resides in the old financial district. The street it’s built on and its adjacent buildings were known as the “wall street of the west”. Inside there is still an old vault, which is now used as a room to sell science fiction and such I believe. I wondered around for about twenty minutes before I stumbled upon the famous book tunnel. It was pretty weird looking at a tunnel made out of book but I did stare at it for quite a while. Once you’ve walked through the tunnel and go around some other shelves you can view the vault. The door itself is rather thick but the look plays into feel of the store. All in all it was more then worth the trip and has fueled me to continue on with searching my surrounds for things once unseen.