Once again I venture back to DTLA for another late night adventure. I’ll have to admit that I was pretty excited to check this building out. It’s been in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and video games. So the chance to view this in person sounded pretty cool. The only real decision I had to make was when the best time to view would be. I assumed that later in the night would be best, both for traffic and people (I wanted as little of both as possible). If you haven’t pick up on it yet, I like to avoid people and crowds as much as possible, so I tend to visit these places when I assume there will be as little chance of both  .

Downtown is still a new and slightly confusing place for me, so I am still very weary of my surroundings and tend to not know my way around. Which lead to me getting lost looking for parking once again. Luckily the underground structure was still open and it provided a safe place for me to leave car.


Once I gathered my things I quickly got to ground level to check the area out. I was instantly amazed at the presence this building held on the street corner in comparison to the adjacent building. The reflective stainless surface and rather soft lighting made for a cool (still) modern appearance for a structure that is slightly over 13 years old. I could just imagine the heat this building can put off on a hot summer day with the mirror like surfaces. It’s probably not the best building to sit outside of. Despite the thoughts of heat I was still very cold on my visit. Cold December night plus a slight wind made it rather chilly. Either way I still managed to stick around the area for about an hour just shooting as many angles and views as I could. Once I felt confident enough that I had the shots I wanted I figured it was time to pack it up and get warm. Plus I still had work the next day lol. Who needs sleep right? On to the next item on The List