When I was growing up I used to watch this cartoon called Rocket Power. It was basically about a bunch of kids being kids living around the beach. As I got slightly older I always just assumed the cartoon was loosely based on the Santa Monica area and the Pier there. After doing some research I know now that it may have been part of the inspiration but it is not solely based on it. Either way it still doesn’t take away from my next destination. The Santa Monica Pier. I’ve been here a few times before, but I haven’t been in years. So a refresh to the area was a must. I do enjoy the beach despite not having been in a long while. Like a few of my other trips, I once again decided that early morning would be the best time to visit (both traffic and parking wise). My idea to arrive early was a good one. There was plenty of parking on the Pier and an absents of tourist. I walked around the pier and the beach for a few hours just taking pictures of what caught my eyes and just enjoyed the morning at the beach. A few clouds rolled around but that didn’t take away from my day at all. It actually helped some of the shots. As I check off another item checked off my list, I look forward to my next stop The List.