D2 Suspension Install



There is something special about getting new parts. Any real car guy can agree with me on this. It doesn’t really matter what the part is, the excitement is always there. It’s like Christmas to us, unboxing new car parts is just as much fun as the 25th of December can be to a little kid. Luckily for me, the unboxing that’s on the table for me is a brand new set of D2 Coilovers for this new (to me) RSX. First real mod going on this car was this suspension. I already had a set of wheels, so I just needed to get this car planted right. For me it has to handle as well as it looks. So these D2 coilovers should get that job done for me.


My initial impression of the D2 Coilovers when I first received them was nothing really special. It felt and looked just like any other companies packaging. It was shoved in the boxes safely with plenty of foam and packaging to keep them from getting damaged. Once I managed to get thru all that I found myself some nice shiny black and purple coilovers.

The fronts seem to be made quite well and feel like a quality product. I’ve only had experience with Megan Racing and Omni Power coilovers before this, so this is all I have to compare it to. Also included on these are front camber plates to help assist me on getting that front end planted right. On thing that was slightly different than any coilovers I’ve had in the past is they have adjustment knobs that are just basically long Allen keys. So when you want to make an adjustment you have to pull these out and make your adjustments. Not to big of a deal, just different.



The rears seem to be built very much like the front. I like the idea of the coils having a small helper spring, and from what I read it helps the ride out back from the previous generation coils they built. (unfortunatly I dont have any solo pics of the rear coilovers) Anyways let s get to the install and some pics.

I planned on taking a lot more pictures of the actual install but of course that didn’t happen. Let me explain why. Tie Rod Ends SUCKS. Seriously, removing these sucks. I tried to use multiple tools/methods to get these off with no luck. One side came off semi-easy, but the driver side would not budge for the life of me. As you can see from the picture, I ended up leaving the tie-rod-end on the strut and just removing it all as one piece(see picture above).


From my research that I did before attempting the install, People recommended that I purchased extra tie-rod-ends because they will be ruined upon install. Good thing I listened becuase they were 100% correct. Anyways after I finally got the front end finished I took a long break and snapped a few pictures. (first the before picture -monster truckin')

And the after (of the front install at least)

Luckily the rears went on relatively smooth. I had a few snags that I ran into but nothing nearly as annoying as the fronts. A few bolts up top removed, then a few down below, and the old shock went out. By the time I was finished it was pretty dark, so after driving around for a few days and initially dialing in the ride height I wanted, I then took a few more pictures. I plan on lowering it a tad bit more all the way around after I get my fenders rolled but for now this will do.(no more monster truckin') Overall after driving about 100 miles on them, I'd have to say I like the D2 coilovers. Ride is pretty firm and smooth after adjusting the dampeners to my liking and they seem to have really increased the response of the car all around. Now I just gotta get to a canyon and do some real testing.....