#bcracecar rear diffuser on a protege

So a few years ago (somewhere around three to four years) I put together this photoshopped image of what I wanted my car to look like. Everything from the flairs to the wing. I think for the most part I stuck to the plan I had dreamed up. I acquired the wing, custom fabbed the flares, and found a lip that somewhat matched what I was looking for, the check list was looking good so far. I also created images for the rear, But for the life of me I cant find them, but believe me.... it had a diffuser out back with a tow hook that was similar what I ended with haha. Now I’m telling you this because it’s important to start with a plan when doing anything, especially when working on a car.


I like sharing details on the projects I do as much as possible. To me, the idea that someone wants to attempt the same project I did is pretty cool. So any help I can provide, I'm down. Anyways, I tried to take as many pictures as I could while doing this project so that I could share the process with whoever would be interested.  But enough talking, on to the pictures.

First things first, before I did any cutting I snapped some pictures and did some more photoshopping to see what exact look I wanted( above right picture). Because once you start cutting, there is no return.

I searched all over the Internet for a diffuser of my liking and I ended up taking my chances with this diffuser from extreme dimensions (click here for link) that was made specifically for the 240sx chassis. I had no idea how it would fit, but I liked the look and figured I’d give it a shot. On the plus side, it’s not one of the more popular Voltex/ RE style diffusers.

I initially mocked the diffuser up with the bumper uncut just to see how it would fit. I actually like this look and it probably could’ve worked. But since I had a plan, I wanted to stick to it. Plus it sat alittle lower than I really liked so I avoided that idea all together.

Now for the hard part, the cutting. After I took apart the rear end and got the bumper off, I tapped off the bumper for how I wanted to cut it. Then slowly went to town on it. Once cut, there is no going back so I took my time making sure the cut was as good as I could get it. As far as to where I cut, I basically just used the line left on the bumper after I removed the rear lip.

 These are pictures after I cut the bumper and pulled the tape off. Below are some more pics of the post cut job.

After that was cut, I re-mounted the bumper just to get a quick look to see if it was the cut I was looking for. Once I was satisfied, I grabbed the floor jack and started to mock up where I wanted the diffuser to go. Crazy thing about this is it almost fit perfect on the first try,  but it stuck out about 6-8 inches further than I liked. The nice thing about this diffuser was it slid all the way back to the rear suspension and tucked in nicely behind it.

Since there was cutting required now, I got the cutting wheel out and chopped off the excess fiberglass and re-mounted it. I had a rough idea on how I was going to mount it up, so before I even started I made a quick stop by home depot for some aluminum to make my mounts out of. I also found some nice bolts/washers from a previous project that worked out perfectly.

After some measuring and re-measuring, I finally got everything mounted up. I also bent up some bracket and re-used the original mounting locations for the bumper.

Shortly after that I did some small adjustments to make sure it was sitting at the right angle I wanted, then put everything back together. All in all I have to say I’m happy with my purchase and that everything went on like I had imagined (after some work of course). Now on to the next mod…… hmmmmm.