Local thrills...for cheap



Socal is an amazing place, I love it. Now if your into drifting you have probably heard of Irwindale raceway, AKA "the house of drift". I spent a good part of my evening here just to experience some drifitng on the iconic course first hand. And because I wanted to practice shooting I also brought my camera along with me. Now the course was open to all skill levels which meant the pros also came out.

Since this was more of a smaller local kind of event the stands were not filled to capacity, but still had a good amount of fans in attendance. Luckily for me they all wanted to sit high up in the stands where the shade was, so that meant no one in my way so I could shoot freely all day.

There were a few amatures on the inner course who were killing it and where actually pretty cool to watch even thought they were not shooting out heaps of smoke. Above in the MRs toyota was a driver who ran both courses, the inner course and the pro course on the bigger bank. Quite interesting watching this turbo beast run.

I guess this particular s13 was being shared by two drivers for the nite, one of which was pro driver Dean Kearney. Now I couldnt tell you who was driving in this pic as I do not know what either driver looks like in the car..lol. but either way the driver in this pic was killing it and creating some nice smoke trails for nite.

And just because I enjoyed watching this MRs heres another picture of it, and right below that was this strawberry face s-chassis running a v8 swap ( I believe).

Going to close out my coverage of irwindale thursday nite drifting with some pics of two pros drivers who were putting on a show on the pro course. It was quite nice to see the speed these drivers can carry through a course like this while sliding. Amazing is all I can really say, you gotta see it to believe it as they say.