Eibach Prep

Eibach prep… yea sure I guess that’s what you can call this. I took it just as an excuse to spend some money on my car haha. For about the past 3 months or so I’ve been planning to do some minor changes to the car but I wanted to get a solid plan in place so I could execute something decently. I knew from the start that I wanted to add some type of graphics to the car but I was really unsure of what I exactly wanted to do. First things started off with a full on Buddy club theme. I wanted the graphics, wheels, and front bumper. I first started with some basic renders to see if the graphics could work and would look ok on the car. Then afterwards I started searching for the parts.


I found the bumper and locked down people who could do the graphics for me, now all that was left was to find the wheels. Unfortunately the wheels I was looking for where no longer available. I used to see used versions of the wheels I wanted for sale like once a month, but now that I want them they are no longer around…my luck right.  So that idea got ditched.

Next up I figured I would just do a new front and rear lip (in carbon fiber to match the sides), throw in a cage, and scoop up a pair of more aggressive CE28n’s to fill in the flares up front, or if that failed .. get a Carbon Fiber hood. After some searching I found a carbon front lip(now discontinued)  from Seibon and a matching rear lip that seemed to match the look I was going for on top of it being something that people with RSX’s rarely run. So that was a win win for me in my books. With those new parts acquired I started looking for the cage.
I’ve always loved the look of a streetcar with a half cage in it. Gives it that aggressive track car spirited feel to it. I knew Autopower cages where built out of San Diego so I figured that would be the easiest thing to acquire …NOPE.  What all the websites I visited failed to mention was that any cage I wanted was built to order..aka not in stock, with a wait time of at least 4-6 weeks. Great, just what I needed. So I jumped on the RSX forums and went searching for what wasn’t available. Luckily for me, and I mean LUCKY… I found a year old thread of a guy selling one and found out he still wanted to sell it after all this time….PERFECT! Cage acquired.
Next up on my prep list was to acquire a hood. I was originally set on buying more parts from Seibon when it came time to purchase, but their website wasn’t working when I wanted to buy. I was disappointed but then decided to go elsewhere. This lead me back to Extreme Dimensions. I don’t normally like their products (bad experiences) but they had a style of hood that no one else had, and from what I could gather it wasn’t a replica of anything out there. (It probably is, but it’s not a replica of anything made for the RSX chassis, so I felt ok with buying it). I ended up getting a killer deal on the hood and to my surprise, it fit rather well. So another win win for me in my prep process.While I was out spending money, I decided to make a stop by Evasive Motorsport  to pick up some Aerotech hood pins. I’ve seen these on a lot of racecars in the past so it was only fitting that I swooped up a set since they’re a necessity when it comes to carbon fiber hoods.
Now my plan was in full force and almost complete. All that was left now was to create some type of graphics encompassing my RWDYBYZ logo. I went thru countless ideas and ended up landing on this one below . I tried blue, green, and red for the gradation on the graphics and I felt the red(ish) color worked the best for me. It is a very simply idea that I feel communicates easily enough for someone to read in a few seconds. I was unsure about actually added the website to my car. Now I know this may sound a little weird, but I didnt want to attract the wrong kind of attention and people. The idea this time around is more like brand awarness I guess. I'll probably add it later down the line but currently I like it as is. 
I’m almost finished with  my prep now, all my parts I wanted in the end I was able to obtain and have been mounted. Now all that is left is to detail it and repaint the lettering on my tires and I’m set.
How it currently sits (below)