Electronic Blueberry ver 2.0



When Electronic Blueburry gets old what do you do? You rebuild it, bigger, better, and stronger!  Version 2.0 is what you see here in front of your eyes. It is so fresh and so new that it is not even in production yet.  Thats right, this is a sneak peak into the 2014 line up.

There are some minor changes to the 2014 line that at first glance you maynot notice but thats the beauty.  All the rage these days are building stronger and larger headtubes. If you look closely you will notice the larger inch and half tapered headtube. This strenthens the front end and allows for many different set-ups now.

Other changes also include a different tapered top tube and some other small things but I wont get into that. All in all this bike is better than ever. Knowing Jeremy then you know everything else on his bike has to flow just as well as the new frame. This high viz color can be seen everywhere from his forks to his brakes. And becuase when your bossy like Supercross Bmx is, then you know this bike wouldnt be complete without  some bossy Stasis grapics.

Seeing what supercross has done in the past and now in the future you know things can only get better from here. When I asked jeremy to pose with his best expression to capture his feelings of his new ride this is what he gave me. So enjoy the new bike and when you see Jrom out riding harass him for an autograph(tell him I said so)!