Anyone who has driven a Fiesta ST knows how well they handle with the stock suspension. I personally like the stiffness and I would've even considered keeping the stock setup if it didn't have so much wheel gap. Most reviews I've read complain a lot about the stiff ride and those people usually option out for some softer springs and a slightly lower ride height. To me those where all compromises that I didn't want to make.

When it came down to suspension choices, I've always enjoyed coilovers. The adjust-ability of height and dampening always seemed like a good feature that springs and stock struts just couldn't match.


For my Fiesta ST I went to none other than the folks at Megan Racing for my coil-over needs. Back when I had my Mazdaspeed Protege I had a set of their coilovers and loved them, so when it came down to swapping out the stock stuff on the fiesta there was only one choice I had in mind.


After unboxing them and getting them torn away from all the packaging they had around them I was able to get a good look at them and check out the quality product they offered. Nice complete coilover over system that doesnt require you reuse your old top mount. One big plus in my book here. Also, after you get them side by side with the stock unit you can see just how much bigger  and taller the stock units are. They were also a bit heavier too, so a bit of weight savings was had.

As far as install goes, if was pretty straight forward. The only real problem I had was trying to remove the 3rd bolt for the top mount that was tucked under the windshield wiper cowl area. No one in any instructions mentioned how difficult it was to do baby quarter turns for like 10 mins to get this bolt off. (below the coilovers where not fully bolted up, dont let the low dampener adjuster fool you, it pops all the way up after fully torqued down


After I had the fronts installed and all tightened up, I moved on to the rears. These were very easy to install, probably the easist install I have ever had. I also just install them exactly how they came out of the box. No adjustments here (just yet). And again, A quick side by side photos shows just how nice these coilovers are assembled.


Side by side comparison of the OEM spring and the Megan Racing spring. Much shorter spring with a different design for a different riding experience.


Side by side comparison of the stock height and the installed height. This was directly out of the box height, I figured I would let it settle in at this height then adjust it to the stance I want afterwards.