Glen Helen

What do you do when your new job hands you a list of events you have to attend for the next few months? You grab your camera and hope your battery doesnt die. As of recently I have been traveling more than I usually do and what this means is I will have a lot of updates coming soon. Most of which are going to be out of the box in comparison to what you usually see on this site(but change is good anyways right?). Getting back on topic, recently I was out at Glen Helen for the Lucas Oil regionals off road series. When I arrived, I was just trying to take in my new surroundings but at the same time keep in mind what I had to shoot. I have never been to an event like this before so it was quite an interesting day for me, but in the end it wasnt too different a normal BMX national event.


I mean it was pretty similar in the fact that it had pretty good-sized crowds in the stands and plenty of friends in the pits. And then of course there was the usual dust and dirt everywhere.

I was lucky enough to grab a media pass so this meant I was able to get up close and personal to shoot these off road vehicles. This race was an all day thing, so it gave me plenty of time to play around with camera settings and allowed me to venture to different spots. But I pretty much stayed in like two spots, because they offered better vantage points.( was hot and I got tired of walking around lol)

If you have never been to an offroad event, I can say that you are missing out on an amazing day of madness. Mainly because the entire course was visible from pretty much everywhere you could stand. So you could catch all the action no matter where you were, it was pretty crazy. Cars where flipping over walls and breaking parts left and right. It really made for a interesting day of racing.


Another cool thing about this event was it brought out all types of vehicles. One hour you could see a mostly stock bodied small truck racing, then the next you would see a full on fiberglass/caged/ race machine.

And if trucks and buggies were not your thing, lucas oil series also brought out the a few different classes of UTV classes. After all the qualifying went down and the finals were finished, it was nice to see the drivers and put a face to the vehicle that I have been watching all day on the track. And it was quite interesting to see the diversity behind the helmets.

The winners ranged anywhere from young teenagers (15 or 16 I think), to the family man, and we even seen the dominance of a few women on the podium    (in the #1 spot and sometimes 1 and 2). All in all it was a good event and it showed that anyone could end up on the podium at the end of the day. Click link here if you wanna see more pics on my flickr