Adams kart track time attack

Adams Kart track is amazing from so many different angles. One - its pretty local for me (well for anyone really that lives in the IE or close by). Two - it brings out all kinds of people who like cars to one location.  And three - gives people who either Grip or Drift a chance to progress their skills on a weekly basis. Sure the track is a little small for those who have ran at larger tracks or tracks made specifically for auto racing but it’s a fun safe way to blow off steam in a controlled environment.


On my drive out to Adams I ran into some traffic and showed up in the middle of the first session and when I arrived the parking lot was pretty empty and there were not very many cars out on the track. I was slightly annoyed I made the drive and there were not many cars to shoot. Thats not saying that what was on the track wasnt any good, I was just expecting alot more cars. But anyways there were a few cool cars still out, here we have a S2k and an AE86 doing some quick laps

Luckily as the first session was coming to a close, cars were piling up to run in the second session. The crowd was very diverse and it was looking like a great mix of cars to come.

 The crowd was very diverse and it was looking like a great mix of cars to come.

FIAT's...Hondas/Toyotas/ Mazdas...Chevy/Ford's/ Dodge's.. it was all here running against the clock.

Mazdaspeed Miatas hmmm what to say... they have geat handling, a factory turbo motor, and good support from the aftermarket community. Well at least better than my Mazdaspeed Protege. I use to want one of these pretty bad.

This hatch was pretty nice, not sure if its a plus now but I rarely even double take when I see a RHD car...Especially a honda, they just seem almost normal now is all. But I did enjoy watching this hatch make its way around the track. It had some amazing Wilwood brakes on it and looked like it could literally stop on a dime.

Like I said before, everything was out here running.  This Dodge truck despite its large size was moving rather quickly. I've seen muscle cars out at Adams before so when I seen this Camaro pulling into staging, I knew it had to be a beast. Unfortunately there was no announcer so I"m not sure what either of these tanks ran on the track.

Female driven Mustang and a boosted Fiesta St, both of which looked to be moving rather well down the straights.

One of a few S2000's that came out to play for the nite, this one rocking a "Mugen" hardtop, front lip and small trunk spoiler. The exhaust note from this silver S2K and the 350z below had to be my favorite sounding cars for the nite.

Going to round off my nite at Adams Kart track with this Prius. I see this car out here alot and the guy knows how to drive it despite it being a hybrid car. Anyways if you wanna check out the small gallery I put together just click here and enjoy!