I knew before I even purchase this car that I was going to install an ipad into the dash. I mean I had gotten so used to using it that the thought of not having it again kind of annoyed me lol. I thought this was going to be one of my first mods to the car but surprisingly it has taken me awhile to actually get the ball rolling on this. The great thing about the install this time around is that I have done this install like 3 times before on my old car. So I had a pretty good idea on how to tackle it.

Before I started cutting anything I basically just wrapped my ipad up pretty good with some blue painters tape. Then after I was sure it was covered well enough I then put a single layer of foil over that (this helps release the ipad from the fiberglass after the fiberglass has cured).

After it fully cured, the ipad removed pretty easy. Next step after that was to remove the foil to see just how well/bad the mold came out. Lucky I took my time because it came out pretty good and the fitment on the ipad was sung(exactly what you want).

The original plan was to buy an aftermarket dash kit so I could always have my stock stuff just in case I wanted to go back to stock.  But the more I thought about it  the more I wanted to just use the OEM stuff and build off of that (nothing fits as well as OEM). I know some of you will cringe at ruining the OEM stuff but whatever, I want my install to go as smooth as possible, so I want to start with the best base.

After I trimmed down the mold to a respectable size, I then super glued the fiberglass to the oem dash kit so that I had it secured enough for the next step. Which was fiberglassing the mold to the OEM dash kit. This insured that everything was solid as a rock as wouldnt move anywhere when I want to pull the ipad out of the mount.

 I Skipped a few steps here in this picture. I eventually built the border around the ipad to even out the look of the dash kit and then smoothed everything out with some bondo afterwards. Also i snuck in my Aux cord so that the audio could be played (if you look closely). I chose an Aux cord this time vs an actual ipad style of plug because of the lack of space I had. The ipad plug and everything that goes along with was just too bulky to fit.

After I had gotten the shape down along with the overall look I wanted, I turned my attention to perfecting the fitment of the ipad. Now the way I go about this may be different from most but it seemed to work the best in my past installs, So I stick with what works best. With the ipad still tapped up I just simply mount it start to apply bondo to the rough edges to snug everything up(only doing one side at a time). Then after it dries, I just pull the ipad out and sand the excess for a perfect fit.

As you can see here in this picture, everything mounts up just like the factory unit (because of the OEM dash) and fitment is spot on. I had a piece of tape on the ipad in the picture because at that point I hadnt installed the actuator that would allow me to remove the ipad from the tight fitment.

(BELOW) I have the final product after paint. Unfortunatly I didnt take any pictures of the actuator install or how I hooked up the button for that, But I did make a quick video to show You how everything came out and how it actually works.

Above we have the black button (eject button that is attached to the actuator) and a separate volume knob to controll volume outside of the ipad. Because who doesnt like having a volume knob over everything else. enjoy