For the longest time now, I have been craving to put a ipad into my dash. But issues with the size meant it just was not going to happen. So when the mini came out i knew what was next on the agenda. With my old android tablet going down hill after I "cough" dropped "cough" it, timing could not have been any better. So I swooped one up and went to work on the taxi.​

Seeing how i had already done most of the footwork with my last tablet, all that was needed was to fiberglass and mold the new one in. Now in the pic above(left) there is a small button that i installed to help assist when i want to remove my ipad from any wondering thief's. With the push of the button a small actuator(right pic) pushes the tablet out just enough so i can grab it. Everything is pressure fitted, "so its a tight fit" (that's what she said). ​

To finish off the dash kit i applied some carbon vinyl to the outside and put some soft material behind to help protect the ipad form getting damaged.  ​

And there it is, all mounted up and installed. and just in case you havent seen my past setup or how this whole install works, here's a small video below.