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I love to be behind the wheel and one thing I love to tell people who want to build a track car is JUST DRIVE! But trying to hit the track as much as possible can get costly. So I figured either I'd have to drive less or figure out a way to raise funds to keep me planted in the driver seat. I went with the latter. Every sale I make here goes towards keeping me on the track and allowing me to JUST DRIVE.

the idea.

the pitch.


As fun as it would be to just drive and quietly fund the project, I figured the best way to make this interesting is to turn it into a collaborative project. For every sale completed, I will add a new supporter decal. This way everyone can visually see how much their support is appreciated.


The car we chose is a 1998 Honda Civic HX coupe. While this chassis is a very potent, very supported platform, this car is far from perfect condition. This civic has over 20 years of wear and tear, some neglect, and it definitely shows its age. Exterior wise it's mostly black with mismatched bumpers, miscellaneous dings and dents, and of course faded paint.

This is ok though, the plan is just to drive as much as possible and then learn the characteristics of the vehicle and better my driving skills. Aesthetics will be last thing to get updated (if they ever get updated lol) seeing as getting seat time is goal number one.

Want to help support the dream? It's easy, check out the link here and purchase some goodies.

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