King of the Hammers

Welcome to Johnson Valley, aka home of King of the Hammers. If you have never heard of this, don’t worry, neither have I.  haha… I mean I used to live about an hour away from this event and I was completely clueless. But I have been handed a new opportunity that has allowed me to experience all of these new adventures all over the country( and I will be documenting it all here).


So basically a bunch of people cruise out to Johnson Valley to tear up anything from trucks, jeeps, atv, uvts, to anything else they can get their hands on. Out of all the competition that comes out only about 13% of the entries finish the race. About 430 teams come out to this event to try their hand at "King of the hammer".Obviously not everyone can even come close to claim that title, but I guess thats why so many want it. It is all quite interesting for a newcomer like me. But anyways lets get into it.

Now day one was pretty simple, we just set up camp and pulled out two pretty fresh UTV’s wrapped in GBC motorsports graphics. And if you haven’t caught on yet, yes I work for GBC motorsports(new gig for me). So there will be a lot of them (GBC) from this point on in you rowdyness experience. And then after that we went on a light cruise to check things out around camp.

The sight from theses mountaintops was pretty crazy to say the least and the cruise around camp led to us to some very picturesque spots.


After the sun went down we met some people around the camp it was said that later that night the amateurs try out the same rock course the pros do. So we decided to check the action out.


It was pretty cool seeing how pretty much anyone could attack this hill, but not everyone was able to get to the top. Anyways the next day we got up early and watched the UTV’s take on the course.


They all started from a close staging area, hit a few corners and jumps and then disappeared into the desert. After that we basically just jumped into our own UTV's and went to various "hot spots" and waited. 

So basically after a full day of watching these things race we decided to do a little impromptu shoot before loading them back up.

That pretty much sums up my second/ third day on the job(literally) and my first visit ever to King of The Hammers. What an experience it was, but a great one at that. I am excited that I get to shoot and experience these vehicles first hand, so be prepared for alot of dirt action to come.