MOD( Mitsubishi Owners Day)

I love Southern California for so many reasons. For one, in the Summer time the weather is almost always amazing, which leads to many things happening car wise. In the past 2 weeks I have been able to attend 4 car meets/ carshows all within local distance of me. And that’s not even counting the local time attack and drift events I went to during the week. It’s an amazing thing to place to live in, Southern California that is.


So where to start, one week I was attending MOD ( Mitsubishi owners day) at the Mitsubishi Headquarters in Cypress then a crazy car meet in Brea later that night. The following week I attended a car show / track day at Autoclub speedway in Fontana, then I headed to the SPOCOM car show right after. It was a very good 2 weeks (car meets wise) for me. This also gave me plenty of opportunity to get some photography practice in(which I’ll share here with you).

First up here for PART 1 coverage is MOD, I didn’t even realize this event was going on until about 1hr before it started (thanks to an instagram post). But luckily it was only like 15mins from my home so that was an easy choice to make. Anyways back to the details, as soon as I arrived there was loud music/ food/ and plenty of Evo's everywhere. Even though I no longer drive a Mitsubishi it was still a cool and welcoming event to be at.

There were so many nice Evo’s all in one place. Everything from street cars, race cars, and stanced cars. All of it was there… and free to view at that lol.

Even though there was an abundance of Evo's in attendance, there were still a good amout of other Mitsubishi's that showed up.

Above here is a rare sighting amoung Mitsubishi's fans, A Galant VR-4 model to be exact. Very well and cleanly put together example.

Then after checking out that nice VR-4 I was attracted to the "other" versions of the lancer's that were in attendance. There were quite a few of the regular Lancers as well as the turbo Ralliart versions too. These two that I snapped a pic of where more for the stance crowd, but still good looking in my opinion.

After walking around for a bit, I noticed a crowd building around one vehicle in a corner. I had to work my way through the crowd to see exactly what it was... It was a  nicely done up Sheepey built Evo, with I'm assuming is a very potent motor.

Later that day I noticed this nice yellow Evo 9. I'm kinda a fan of yellow sedans so I made my way to this one rather quickly. I was impressed, nice paint and body work followed by color matched brakes and some nice WedsSports TC105n's to tie it all together.

The other great thing about this event was that there were alot of the vehicle's in attendance that had really nice quality parts. It's a rare occurance to see so many cars with nice authentic parts. Most people seem to take the easy road lately and just slap the cheap china knockoff, so it was a good change to see some quality.

Above we have some dope authentic wheels and very nice rubber attached to them.... I love this look. And even when the look was less "track" influenced I still found some nice quality stuff being used. Like these Avant Garde F120 wheels (I believe). Very nice and different looking.

That pretty much sums up my MOD experience. Glad I finally made it out to one of these and if im still in the area next year I will surely come around again. Small pic gallery can be found here