MORE Carbon please


After Having some fun painting over some carbon fiber I thought it would be a great idea to get matching sides, and paint those too. I was able to source out the sides that I wanted in Carbon fiber and get a great deal on them too. So far everything seems to be following the renders I have mocked up, which is a good thing. After picking up my new sides I was tempted to change the original renders to include a little bit more carbon fiber, But then I realized quickly how much I dont like how black parts stand out against the white paint. So keeping things(carbon fiber) to a minimum would be best. It didnt take long for me to get this project started becuase the weekend was coming so that meant I had a few free days to tackle the task at hand.

As I said before, I was really trying to keep on track with the renders and from the above picture you can see I'm right on track. Of course before I covered up all that nice carbon fiber I had to snap a few pictures so you could see just how nice the finish was (before I changed em' up).

After  everything was all finished up I put the sides next to my car to see if the paint matched...and luckily for me it was spot on (like it should be). Then I let them sit and cure so they were fully dried before installing them. Fitment on the sides (as opposed to my front lip) was alittle bit better. But I test fitted before hand so any fitment issues got sorted and covered up by paint.

Luckily with this being an ever popular Honda/Acura chassis, almost everything is made for this car, including cans of paint in the correct color code (all availble same day from basically any auto parts store). After I mocked up my paint design with some blue masking tape I layed down a few coats of white and then removed the tape and applied 2-3 coats of clear over everything to keep it all nice and sealed up.

So there you have it, sides all installed and painted. I'm rather happy with the end look these sides gave the car. Most people would have no Idea that these parts are Carbon Fiber, which is fine with me because it's a detail that can be seen if someone is to look closer.


Anyways after throwing on the sides, something was a bit off. I looked at the car for a bit from all angles and even though in my renders I had the lip painted a certain way, in person it just didnt flow like I imagined. Since I was in the DIY mood, I peeled off the plasti-dip( it was only temp anyways) and remasked the lip to better match the sides.

Like I said earlier, the lip never fit 100%. Since I was repainting it, I figured it was time to get the fitment on point too. The following pictures show all the adjustments I had to make to the corners to get the fitment I hoped for when I bought the Carbon Fiber pieces (as opposed to the fiberglass version).

The final (final) result of a days work. I feel this look now flows alot better with sides and everthing is now more cohesive. I like how there is just a small bit of Carbon Fiber along the bottom. Its a small detail, but also doesnt ruin the look by going overboard with it. Now whats next....hmmmm