Apple Valley BMX

I love shooting objects in motion, it has to be one of my favorite things to do. So when I found out my former home track was holding a race on a day I actually had off I was beyond excited. So I grabbed my bike, my camera, and a few lenses, and shot out to Apple Valley BMX for a day of riding and shooting. I haven’t been here since I moved, and oh man…. The track was definitely in the best condition I’ve seen it in awhile.  And that led to some good riding and racing through the day.


I spent most of the morning brushing the dust off of my Supercross Envy and getting my fair share of laps in on a freshly groomed track. The weather in the desert couldn’t have gotten any better. Anyways, after practice was over I got to work and started shooting the race action.

They even held a Pro-Am race with the welcoming pro's being Jeremy Rommel and Lain Van Ogle. There were 2 racks of Pro-Am racers which lead to some great action on the track.

The amateur racing was also pretty good with racers at all ages from girls to boys to men, all getting in on the racing action.

The racing was pretty good, people where going 3 wide into the first corner battling for the lead, It was fun to watch. Below we have a small sequence of the action into the first corner.

The Pro-Am main was probably the most anticipated race of the day. All the riders got an official introduction with a roll out and everything. After the intro’s where done the riders loaded up and the gate was dropped.

From the drop of the gate the battle was on. There was a race happening everywhere, it was action packed all over the track. The leaders up front where going at it into the first corner (because we all know once your out front you can run away with the win). Then directly behind the leaders there was a nice three way battle going on for the third spot on the podium. They even went three wide thru the first corner (check the sequence).

Like I said before, once you have that lead, the race can basically be yours (if you play your cards right). And Jrom did just that, by the second corner he was gone and that was all she wrote.

All in all, it was a good day of racing. The weather was good, the turn-out was great, and no one got hurt. Basically no better way to end a full day of racing. If you want to see the small gallery I created click here and enjoy the other pics.