Welcome to the playground



What do you do after you successfully built the best bikes year after year​? You continue to push the sport by building your very own personal Olympic style bmx supercross track in your backyard. This place is something you truly have to see to believe.

This place has a 2 story plus roll-in complete with a fully functional starting gate to pratice getting those perfect starts. who wouldnt want to ride this place.

But I would definitely say don't expect to show up here and not get your hands dirty, I mean its a Bmx track, even the girls that show get put to work..lol

This place is definitely not for the faint at heart. the first jump is an easy 35+ feet long, and if that wasn't enough there is also a berm jump that will launch you clear over the girls section of the track. You want fun, then the supercross playground is where you want to be. Top notch build with riders around to prove it. If your ever in town I would at least recommend you to check the place out but until then enjoy the pics.