Every once in a while I get out to these off-road events. They are very different from the normal stuff I usually cover here (mostly time attack/car shows) but Work has been pretty fun so I figured I’d share. Its not everyday I get the chance to shoot some pretty cool vehicles in their race environment.  This day was fun because I was given freedom to shoot whatever. It’s a great freedom because it gives me opportunities to try out different settings and methods that I normally wouldn’t have a chance to do otherwise.   


The following photos are from Glen Helen Raceway a few months ago, I know by now the coverage is old but whatever lol. There was a small get together being held there (Glen Helen) and I had the chance to shoot some cool UTV’s making there rounds at the track. Below are some of the “better” shots I was able to capture that day. I mostly was experimenting with slow shutter speeds in an attempt to capture the speed that these vehicles were holding on the track.  

This UTV was getting some nice airtime on the start/finish straight.

Loved the way this last shot came out, feels like everything is moving soo fast. At the end of the day I had fun and I got the chance to try out shooting with different settings. Anyways thats the end of this mini off-road coverage, hope you enjoyed it.