Purple Mamba...aka Purple rain



"You cant let me jump that before you do!" ..... Not something you wanna hear when your looking at lines at the track. And what makes that even worse is that this is a girl telling you this. So who is this talking trash to you? Dani george is her name and this is her ride.

"Purple Rain..aka Vino..aka Purple mamba..."only gets better with age".Rocking a purple finish that is deeper in color than a glass of your favorite  wine, this color will definitely have you doing a double take at the track.

Just like the other Factory rides this bike is also equipped with custom graphics to match the color scheme. And whats a custom bike without your name on it!

These Supercross bikes are always fresh and solid and this one is no exception. From the 20mm front end with matching Quick Twitch Race hub to the Carbon race crank, this bike is definitely ready for competition.