Purple Mamba...aka Purple rain ver2.0



Just like when the performer Prince came back into the scene and called himeself some unpronouncable symbol, reinventing yourself the second time around is always a good way to make a comback. With that said, Purple Rain is back. Version 2.0 is brighter, stronger, and better than ever!

The biggest change to this Envy...AKA "Purple Rain" is the tubing. Just like with jroms ver 2.0, this bike also features the larger inch and a half tapered headtube. As well as different shaped upper and lower head tubes.

Other new additions to this bike are the Speedline carbon fork, this time in white. And to help pull all that white together is a matching white Speedline seat. And of course this bike would not be complete without a custom set of neon Stasis graphics.

This is definitely a dope bike and if you want a sneak peak at what the Supercross Envy has to offer to you in the future, go sneak a look at this little beast next time you see Dani at the track!