Race seat....why? #bcracecar


For the longest time I have always wanted a race seat, so when the opportunity finally came around I jumped right at it. I decided to go with a fix position bucket seat which is made out of fiberglass and set up for a 5 point race harness if i ever decided to go with racing harnesses. After checking out my factory seats and looking at them in detail, it looked like id be able to mount the aftermarket seat right up without having to buy new seat rails. No one I knew had tried this before so it was a shot in the dark but I decided to take it.

After I unbolted the factory seat and disassembled it my previous assumptions were looking promising. I took a few measurements and the new race bucket seat brackets mounted right up with no problems at all....so i thought.

Because I was using factory seat sliders my race bucket actually sat a bit higher than my stock seat. Not a good thing. So after further examining the stock sliders I found out that I could lower the seat to exactly where I wanted it if I just smoothed out a small metal nipple stopping the seat bracket from rotating all the way around.​

Above are before and after pics. In these pics you can see the mods I had to do. With this small mod, it allowed the seat to mount a lot lower and saved me about 190$. Which was the cost of the aftermarket seat slider that would have been needed.​

And there it is, all mounted up and ready to go. Now I am far from finished with this install. Future plans are to reshape the lumbar support and add in a seat warmer/seat massage. So stay tuned for more updates soon to come.