RACEWARS Irwindale speedway

“Whats this?         .....Directions.         To what?             Race wars… we’ll see how you do, then we’ll talk”


Haha all Fast and the Furious jokes aside, today I bring you coverage of Racewars LA 2015. Overall the event was pretty cool and not as busy as the last few shows I’ve been to recently in the past 3-4 weeks, But the heat was all the same present. The main difference to this show was the drag racing that was right next to the car show. Its always good to check out some cars running down the strip and just as fun trying to shoot something different.


There were a few cars I was glad I got to see in person, with the first being this Speedhunters sponsored car built for last years scion challenge. I loved the details and the overall theme it had going on.  I enjoyed this car so much that I sat and tried to shoot this thing for like 10 minutes or so. Not because I wanted to but because you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to shoot when people just blatantly walk in your shot or in front of you. But its all good, nothing I’m not used to.

There were so many nice Frs’ at this event. I mean, most events there are… so I guess that’s no different lol. Anyways below we have Stay Crushings newly revamped Frs. Rocking a rather large chassis mount wing which it did not have the last time I seen it. Overall I like the build and the parts used.

Ever since Killagram used or lets say created this wing, his Frs has been very unique in comparison to the others. Well I guess it’s a trend now. There where 2 (this one being the second) at this event rocking this once "one of a kind" of wing. This wing is very "in your face" with its mounts coming from below the bumper. And I believe it uses a Big Country Labs wing on top of those massive mounts. Still mixed about this wing, but I’m sure this wing will be everywhere soon.

Here is A shot of three Frs’ that were parked right next to each other. Two of which were rocking the Rocket Bunny kit. So far all of the Frs’ posted have had some sort of version of this kit except this blue one. Very nice and well built.

Ugh.. this Audi is so different than most I’ve seen but is so nice. The custom carbon fiber flares and off the wall camo vinyl is hard to adjust to but in person it all just works together. Very nice custom touches on this car

I’ve seen this S2k on multiple occasions but it never seems to disappoint. This look is way over the top as far as the wide body goes, but I still like it.

Not sure who built this BMW but it was parked pretty much in the open. Could have been part of the show or not, it might as well have been if it wasnt. Of course it had a wide body and some Deep dish BBS wheels, this is SoCal afterall.

Oh ya I forgot, there was also a Drag race going on in the background. Very diverse crowd of dragsters were out. Everything from Caddys to imports, to full on desiel trucks with light bars. Pretty cool watching these things move down the 1/8th mile.

I'm going to end my coverage with this clean Porsche that was hidden in the corner at the TOYO tires booth. Not sure why they opted to be in a corner away from the rest of the show but all it meant to me was no one would be in my way so I could shoo this Porsche haha. Click here for full gallery of pics.