Raceday...putting the car thru the hoops



Living in Southern Califorinia is a blessing in so many ways. There are so many options as far as things to do within a small radius in any direction. One hour one way you have sunny beaches. One hour the other direction you have mountains for snowboarding. Then a few hours the other directions you have Vegas. 

Now if your into cars it gets even better. Multiple car meets almost anyday of the week, and then there are the race tracks all around which hold events ranging from time attack to drift nights. So what we have here is a local time attack event that happens every tuesday and is open to any chassis and any driving skill. This Disneyland of a place to car enthusiast is call Adams Kart track and is located in riverside.

As of lately I have really been into this whole time attack racing scene so it was only natural that I would try my skills out at the track. The best part about this whole event is that you dont have to worry about cops at the end of a run or on coming cars(if you run canyons you know what I mean). And on top of all that you get a time slip so you know exactly what you are running and if you are making any improvement’s at all.

Like I said before this event is open to anyone and any car, so the variety of cars never fails to impress me when I show up. Back to the event itself, I could not say one bad thing about this track day at all. Given this was my first track event I had my eyes opened to how much fun track days can be. Now if you know me, then you know I never get on my car...I mean never, like slow lane for life with me. So this day was definitely fun finally opening up my car and seeing what it could actually do and how it functions on a track.

Now I know this is not the greatest track to run on(from what I hear), but it definetly is a good track to test out some beginner skills. Plus for the price you just cant pass it up, seeing how you could run on a weekly basis and not even put a dent in your wallet.

I can definitely say after my first event I am hooked. So I will be back again. I would also like to thank Jon at

for the pics.

 Hopefully next time I can get the rest of the Rowdy crew out (Jeremy and Trever) to do a few runs with me so they can experience the fun.