Reno...the biggest little city around



Season openers are everything, they set the pace for the year and let you know how you stack up against your competition. But then again I could be wrong, Believe it or not it has happened before(weird right). Anyways, we all packed up in the trusty Supercross tank and trucked it through the night to Reno. After we arrived the bikes came out and we got to work. Motto for the weekend was "If you dont win, you are fishing for your dinner!"

The nice thing this year was that it was not SNOWING! Finally some decent weather to ride (indoors) in... haha. On to the racing, Jrom decided to come out and make a celebrity appearance in pratice then chill with the team, while dani showed up to do work but didnt want the cameras to shoot all. haha

Anyways this race marked my first year returning to cruiser and trying to run a full season with two bikes.. I was feeling good, and most of the weekend I managed to keep my view clear...

 That was until the main event in class on saturday. I caught my self in second place and my eyes on the win. Going into the second turn I managed to get the inside and see the sweet light of victory... for a few seconds. The pic below shows what happens when you gamble and "it is all.. or nothing". While going for the lead into turn two I tried to swoop by on the inside and snag the lead...well I got landed on! Oh well, I almost had it but ended up sharing my skin with some fresh hard packed reno dirt!

There was another rider who killed it out in Reno that I wanna give a shout out to, the good homie Jared "the Jet" Garcia He doubled it up on the weekend and brought home two oversized checks.Besides the dirt being hard, the track was the usual reno. Nothing to exciting or surprising(aka boring) in my opinion. The only real downfall of the weekend was that usabmx managed to draw the races out longer than any other Reno event I have been to in the past. We ended up being there until about 10 on saturday and 6ish on Sunday, Long...long... weeked.

All in all it ended up being a good weekend anyways. I was able to represent with my new JSR/speedline gear and luckily it held up through the crash, so I can still rock it. Big thanks to bill at Supercross for the hospitality and Phillip for dealing with my randomness... and also thanks to and bmxmania for the pics.