Good times on a Roadtrip



Who wants to go to Bakersfield? That's an easy one(sorry Paige,lol). But USABMX makes us go to these places that we would not usually visit. Anyways joking aside.. Jeremy, Dani, Kristian, and I all caravanned up to Bakersfield for the weekend. So we packed up the cars and jumped on the road. Jeremy and I got into my car while Dani drove Kristian.  ​

On the way out we had to make a few stops, one was planned the other one was not. I guess Kristian got "car sick" and we had to pull over for him so Jeremy and I snapped some pics of the taxi. Man the towns in between Victorville and Bakersfield are...well lets just say Ghetto.​

When we finally arrived to our destination, the bikes came out and we went to work. The weather was perfect so it could not have gotten any better. On that note, on Saturday I was walking through the parking lot and spotted this little gem (pic below).​

 The track was nice and smooth(minus the crappy corners) which lead to some good riding. I have not been to this place in two years and not much has changed basically. The hot weather was the same too, which meant shade came at a premium. Luckily ODI and Supercross had some nice pit sets up that  I was able to hide under most of the day.​

This track favored the aggressive riders and the quick riders. There was not to much room for passing, except in one straight(in my opinion) or if you were more aggressive..the turns. Anyways ...heres Jeremy showing us the easiest way to win...get out front and make them follow. (above)

After the long weekend of racing was over and everything was packed up, we hit the rode. ​​Unfortunatly not long after we started making our trek home we had some small issues. The Supercross trailer had a flat. But after about 30 mins or so and the help from some local Apple Valley bmxers stopping to lend a hand we were back on the road in no time. All in all it was a good trip with good friends.