New shoes for the whip...



Finally the day had come to get some new wheels for the taxicab. As excited as I was, It was by no means an easy task for me. As crazy as this may sound to some, in my eyes the right set of wheels can make or break a car, simply put.  So when i finally chose a wheel after about a months worth of time, there was only one place that was willing to give me the best price.... period. RACEline Usa was the place I went to pick up my wheels.

 I definitely have to say if you need anything automotive related give them a call. So the wheels I chose where the Enkei RPF1's. I decided to go with a staggered set up(+22's  up front and +35's out back) for my new 17 inch wheels .This setup lends to a FWD friendly setup as oppose to a rear staggered setup.

I am more of a looks first with function coming in at a close second. With that being said, for tires I decided to go with a stretched tire setup. 205/40's all around. which in the end allowed me to lower the car a little more and gave me that perfect fitment(in my opinion).​

After a little more tweaking the car will be lowered some more to get a more aggressive look. But for now this is how it sits, Low,poking, and stretch.​