Sideways Sunday...good times in the sun



So as of recently I have had a love affair with drifting. Anytime I can catch a drift event or just to watch some amatures sliding it on a track, I try to find a way to get there. I find myself at Adams Kart Track on thursdays quite often and occasionally they put on events outside of their own track. Sideways Sundays was the name of this event I attended and it was held out at Storm Stadium.

I was luckily enought to get a media pass this time around  from K.R.O.P.S to help them shoot the event. I by no means consider myself a professional photographer, but I like to shoot and  it was fun to get out and try and shoot some drifting up close without a fence in front of my lence or having to use my super zoom lense hahaha.

Some of the amatures that competed at this event even drove their actual race car/daily to the event(no trailer), Props to them for that, because if they crashed they wouldnt really have a car to make it home in. The above rx-7 was one of those guys I noticed that drove up to the event and drove the same car on the track.

Some of the cars that were out at this event were(what I assume) Adams kart track locals. I've seen some of these guys on a normal thursday nite sliding around in riverside. The above car was one of the cars i've seen before. This car was not the best looking(appearance wise) but man he was ripping the course up.......

Until he got a little loose after the first sweeper and backed it into the dirt bank. Unfortunatly, this crash ened his day. Rumor was he ruptured his gas tank in the crash.

This car here had to be one of the best looking cars of the day that was out there drifting. Full intact bumpers,matching paint, no zip ties, and just sitting very nicely over an authentic set of te37's. This guy knows how to build a proper looking car and have fun with it. I could not get enough of this everytime he got out on the track.

All in all it was a good day. It was blazing hot and I got a good little tan out of it, but the experience was definitely worth it. Hopefully K.R.O.P.S will needs some more assistance in the near future so I can get back out there to get some more pratice in. More pics can found here