For those of you who have visited this site in the past may have noticed a few things that have changed recently. First and foremost there will no longer be anymore Taxi related car post. I sold the car off (to who I hoped was an excited enthusiast, but ended up just being some kid who thought he could purchase it and flip it).

Anyways I got what I wanted out of it and kept the parts that were most valuable to me and could be reused for my new project. Along with the change of a new car I felt the site could use a new look. Some things are the same, some are not, But in the end it's still the same ol' RWDY site. Except now this new "blog" style home page allows me to update things alittle quicker and add more randomness to this place. There is now a comments section so people can hate on me publicly instead of filling out the contact info in the contact section. So feel free to use it. Well thats it as far as updates go. If you read this far down...thanks for your time.