I bid a farwell

There always comes a time when things get old and stale. When you start to feel this way things can only go one of two ways. Either things end or things change, simply put. In my case, things have come to an abrupt end. This theory can apply to many things and to many people. For me, its a reference to my car..the taxi/racekor/rice machine/slamwhich/im too old to be driving this thing/ or whatever else anyone has called it in the past.

I have put so much time and effort into this automobile that it has become more than just "transportation" as most of the general public see's it. But like I said, things change and life happens. I managed to sell the taxi, to what I had hoped was an eager enthusiast that would rebuild the taxi and give it a new life. But to my surprise it was quickly repaired and reposted for sale ( aka I'm tryn to flip this sh*t). I dont mind what the new owner wants to do with it as its his now and not mine. Hopefully it will sell to someone who can appreciate all the work put into it and it doesnt get thrashed. But then again who cares its not my problem right...? On to new and better (aftermarket supported) ventures. Lets see if the grass is actually greener on the other side.