Enthusiasts today

It’s a shame the way the car enthusiast is looked upon by the viewing public. You can almost guarantee that anything you put together will in someway be “hated on” or “put down” by someone who can do it better or has seen it before. The need for attention is so strong with this current generation of enthusiast. So strong that the need for quality parts is overruled because the quality stuff cost too much and the replica stuff looks just as good, plus I can have that in style look now.

I was recently at Sema, and the amount of replica wheel companies was astounding to me. Booths next to booths, all carrying the same exact replica wheel from china (albeit they had different center caps) but you get my point. These Chinese companies exist and are flourishing because of the current enthusiast wants this (and supports this). The feeling of instant gratification has taken over. In turn, this causes trends to rise very quickly and plethora of uncreative copycats to surface almost overnight.

Today most enthusiast feel they are important because of the amount of followers they have or likes they receive. And because of this, they feel they are “entitled” to something. But in reality (where most of us live) see that you have done nothing important but build this cloud of arrogance around yourself (you can read a story about it here)

The way we communicate with one another (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), all foster this idea that they bring people together. The main issue with this is you can now “know someone” but never actually “know them”. Technology allows those who feel their opinion is needed, a stage to share it.

The modern day enthusiast is more interested in reposting the latest “it” photo and trying to sell stickers or gear related to their Instagram page. The worse part is the majority of the content they share was never theirs to begin with and the postings usually read “ tag the owner/ photographer”. What happened to the enthusiast who built a car because it was what they liked and not because it would get them followers and the chance to be “insta-famous”. Bring me back to 99-03’ when the scene was more about getting out and hanging with friends and not sitting behind a computer or phone app trying to select a filter.