craigslist finds

I always find it funny how well social media, Internet, and Internet forums work. As most of you know (if you know me or follow me in any sort of way) that I sold off my Mazdaspeed Protégé. I was sad at the time but the guy I originally sold it to seemed like an enthusiast and very excited to get it up and going.

NOT… lol.

Long story short, he eventually sold it off on craigslist. I was just happy to see he stopped using my images when he was trying to sell it because it looked nothing like when I had it. (I get on there very often for entertainment) haha. Anyways, the new owner made his way over to and found me on there, which (I’m assuming) eventually led him to my Instagram account where he contacted me. After exchanging a few stories about the guy who had ”owned” it between us I did my best to clear up any stories about the car and hopefully help this new owner get things situated. I hope the car treats the new owner as well as it did me.