drift/grip night

I’ve come to Adams Kart track quite a few times over the past few years and lately its changed. Besides for the actual days they run now (those changes from previous years) this place has been going down hill for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy coming out when I can ( to either drive or shoot some pics) but that might soon change. This last Saturday I showed up for the open night of drift or grip and the whole thing was just sloppy.

The guy down at the bottom sending cars didn't seem like he was paying much attention to the cars running in the grip sessions. Cars were catching up to each other and basically running front to back for multiple laps. Usually they'll stop the following car or make him slow down so the car out front doesn't feel rushed or get run off the track. But i guess that rule didn't apply this night lol. The parking lot smelled like weed and people were parking any and everywhere…literally. They have lines so things stay organized but again, guess these rules didnt apply tonite. Not sure whats going on with Adams lately but I hope things change because I used to like this place. Anyways enough with the ranting on, here a few pics I took before I left. Some are edited and some are not….like Adams, I’m just getting lazy..lol