Man I love this place. I mean I like riding in general but I can’t say I’ve visited any other track as many times as I have this one. As far as turnouts go, this had to be the most packed I’ve seen this track in a long long time. It was good to see so many people trek all the way up to the high desert to ride for once. I believe there were about 93 (or 91 I forget) motos this time around. Which was crazy because I was told the biggest (recent) Gold cup qualifier was about 71 motos. So they exceeded that quite easily. Between riding, catching up with old friends, and shooting some photos (mostly blurry) I had a good time. I had no idea that I would end up staying until about 9, but with the good racing and people, it just ended up that way. All in all it was a good time and cant wait until the next one comes around. Here are some photos and a full gallery can be found here.