race car dreaming

Who doesn’t like a cool car with racing graphics? When I was younger I used to always build these 1:24 scale model racecars. It was fun for a kid who couldn’t drive and didn’t have any money for a real car. I was always fascinated by cool racecars from back in the day and loved the graphic treatments they always had.

I remember this one model kit I had, it was a Tamayi Honda Accord. It was actually the JACCS sponsored JTCC Accord. I remembered it because of how vivid the graphics on it were. That’s where the idea for this initial render all came from. It was a memory of an old model car kit I had built. I know there is a lot more history behind the actual team and car but that’s how I was attached to the idea. I was wondering what my car would like with a similar livery design on it. The idea went from imagining it, to I have to actually see it (photoshop). I think the end result is rather cool and it satisfied my visual need to see it.

Next up, is a more recent idea I’ve had floating around in my head. I love the Buddyclub product that I have and have always like the racecars they had in early 2000’s. Now if I were to actually do a graphic treatment on my car I would probably do something similar to this. I also would want to pick up an authentic buddyclub front bumper to match also.

those up there are the actual racecars/demo cars, and below we have the renders I have made.