About 2 months ago at work I was sharing ideas, ideas that I'd like to one day do or just random thoughts that I felt were interesting. I usually do these kind of things with my co-workers because it's always interesting to share and get some honest feedback. I also bounce ideas back and forth with them about marketing and ad campaigns that I'd like to run for the company we work for. After a few months I started to notice some odd things start to happen; some of my ideas (that I felt were original at the time) started to show up in the advertisements of our competitors. I thought to myself, well maybe I had a good idea and they just happen to jump on it first. In the following months this continued to happen all around me and it wasn't just my marketing ad campaign ideas; everything from photo ideas, to graphic layouts, to photos spots, would constantly show up somewhere after I was talking about it. Now, I know everything I wanted to do was not original or even an original concept, but the execution and presentation was very similar to what I had in mind. With all that pushed aside and my ego calmed down, one of my co-workers and I had another conversation. It went a little something like this:

”Don’t take this as an insult, but you always have these ideas of things to do and places to go, but never go through with them". I was slightly shocked, not at the fact that it was said to me, but at the fact that it was true and that I was called out on it. I talk a big game but rarely go through with it if work isn't involved or some important project of mine isn't on the line. So I laughed and said "You're right, I never do come through on my ideas. I'm going to start a "LIST".

So I grabbed a post-it and started writing down places and things I wanted to see, places mainly in so-cal, to make the list easier to start and accomplish. That was the initial idea. I was VERY adamant on calling it "THE LIST" and not a "Bucket List", because I felt that had negative connotations connected with it. After I made the list I got started that weekend, which felt real good. Now, my list initially started off with like five to seven things on it but it was always meant to grow as I shared stories with my friends and they helped collaborate with me on new spots to visit and other things to view that I had never thought of.

Throughout the next few weeks and however much longer it takes I will be posting up pictures, starting with #1 on the list, of the places I've visited and the things I've seen. As well as the reason why I visited the location and if it has any significance to me.

The Everyone likes FREE stuff

I recently decided that making some stickers would be a good idea. I wanted something to post or leave behind at every spot I go to (or close in the area anyways). Since the idea of The List started on a post-it, I thought it was only appropriate to have a sticker, the same size as one. This is kind of a reminder to me of where it all started. I also want to give them away (FREE) to anyone who is interested doing the same as me or just to anyone who wants to show support. Shoot me an email or click here and I’ll send out you out a free sticker.