What set you claimin'

I don't think many people understand how much I enjoy shooting photos. If I know I'm going out somewhere and its possible to bring my camera.. I will usually have it on me. And going to the race track is no exception. Whenever I go ride I always try to bring my camera along. Its good practice for me since I don't get to shoot Bmx as often as I do cars and such, but I do enjoy it. What also helps is shooting with someone that is willing to keep doing the straight over and over again because I cant seem to time the shot right lol. In this small set I shot some photos with Mikey B (as I've know him) and he was more then willing to keep doing the same straight over and over again as well as a few corners so we could dial in that perfect shot. In the end I was very happy with the results we got that day and I'm pretty sure he was too! anyways enjoy the pics.