2 Olympic Gold medals

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with a heavy hitter in the BMX racing world. This man currently holds 2 out of the 3 gold metals giving in the sport of BMX racing. That is a feat that no one can top. No one person can out shine him for at least 8 years (one man can tie his medal count but wont be able to exceed that for 8 years). So ya when I say heavy hitter, I mean it. Maris Stromberg is his name and for his 2017 campaign he is riding a Supercross Envy Blk. For me, that meant I had the opportunity to shoot some photos of him on his new ride. Maris is a cool and somewhat of a quite dude, but humble. I ended up shooting for close to 2 hours with him and Anthony Dean (again) and even though it was a cloudy day I still managed to get some good shots in before it got too dark.