Apple Valley state qualifier

If you haven't ventured out to Apple Valley BMX, you are missing out! It's like a tucked away gem in the corner of the desert far far away from any civilization. I like to secretly call it Area51, because when you ride out here, people in the racing community like to think you don't exist or something haha. Out of sight out of mind I guess. Doesn't really bother me too much though, this usually allows me to ride unnoticed and squirrelly with no one judging me. Anyways the event itself had a pretty good turnout (unsure of the moto count) and they even had a pro-am to challenge anyone who wanted an attempt at beating a pro. The heat was as expected (Very hot, typical desert weather) and as long as you had some liquids in you it wasn't too unbearable. The wind on the other had was doing its best to knock people over all day. But from what I was able to see, there were not too many casuals because of it.

After practice was over I decided it was time to trade in the bike for the camera. Usually when I go out shooting events like this, I don't really have a goal in mind. I just shoot whatever is in front of me since I'm just doing it for fun. And I don't normally post galleries of my shots either, but I figured I'd try something different this time around. I took roughly 500 shots on Saturday then proceeded to edit about 20 of them before it dawned on me that I will never finish if I try to edit everything. I ended up choosing about 120 shots that I liked and posted them down below. If you see a shot you like and want the full size image of it, Email me the photo you want and I'll edit it and send it to you, I mean why not right? So enjoy the gallery and feel free to re-post (Tag me if you re-post @kneapolitan)